Completely Personalized, Fully Automatic, and Entirely Effective

Write One Autoresponder, Reach Your Entire Audience

Create autoresponder messsages for different customers based off of their characteristics and actions.

TPNI Engage will automatically send your messages to the customers who fit your criteria.

This enables you to save time while still maintaining a personal connection with each and every customer.

Conditional Messaging

After a prospect has subscribed to your campaign, you can reply with an autoresponder text or email that initiates a conversation that you have previously scripted. The result for your prospect is the feeling of personal engagement and attention. What’s more, you can send different messaging to different types of subscribers. For example, subscribers who attended a live event and stayed for the duration will require different messaging than those who never showed up. With TPNI Engage, you can send each type a different message. Just write it once, choose your criteria, and watch the leads come in.

Multiple Autoresponder Messaging Platforms


Text messages have an astounding 96% open rate and are typically read within an average of 15 minutes after they’ve been received and are responded to within an hour.


Email is still an effective form of marketing communication – if done right. TPNI Engage has a fully built-out email autoresponder system that initiates an email conversation.


Voice messages are placed directly in your customers’ mobile phone inbox. This way they can check for messages at their convenience and review your autoresponder message.

Powerful Analytics

Track how many people open your autoresponder. This data lets you see how well your autoresponder performed, giving you detailed looks at WHO opened your message, and WHEN they opened it.

Track Clicks to see which of your links were followed by the most people.

Lastly, you can track responses to your messages, and even reply back!

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