Prospect Data Gathering

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Understand Your Audience

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From just an email or phone number, Engage can retrieve a full list oakley outlet of social profiles, profile photos, basic demographic information and social influence.

Social Profile Data Gathering

When you know who the big players are in your audience, you can target them directly!

Your customers can market for you by sharing content. Something they do daily.

This greatly increases word of mouth marketing of your brand.

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Demographic Data Profiles

Demographics data allows you to personalize your contact with your customers using data that is provided to you automatically by the TPNI Engage platform. This means that without even having to do any research, you can know your entire audience and understand them on a deeper level.


  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Age Group
  • Job
  • Interests
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Data From The Past Helps You Now

Whether it’s responding to messages, attending events, or ordering products, a subscribers actions with you in the past will give you a great idea on how to market to them going forward.

Subscriber profiles help you determine which customers will respond best to particular offers, based off of what they have responded well to in the past!

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